Design Services


If you're in search of assistance in creating a one-of-a-kind and customized sticker or design and your creative vision goes beyond what our online designer, templates, or your at-home software have to offer, these resources are for you!

Custom File Setup |

Custom File Setup

Guidelines for creating print-ready files according to our specifications.

Vectorization |


Why do you need to transform low-resolution artwork into a vector graphic?

Logo/Artwork Design Help |

Logo/Artwork Design Help

Do you need help turning your vision into a captivating reality? Whether you're establishing a new business or revitalizing your brand, we’re here to help!

Color Matching |

Color Matching

We can help ensure that your designs maintain their intended hues in print, providing a seamless transition from screen to paper.

How to use our online designer |

How to Create a Sticker Using Our Online Designer

Easily craft your own personalized decals using our user-friendly online designer. Follow our step-by-step guide to bring your creative ideas to life.

How to Use Canva |

How to Create a Sticker using Canva

Craft stickers that reflect your unique style using Canva. Our easy-to-follow guidelines will assist you in creating your sticker designs.