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Why is Vectorization important?

Vectorization is important for  stickers because it allows for flexibility in size, maintains quality, supports complex designs, and facilitates efficient editing and production processes.

  1. Scalability: Vector graphics maintain quality when resized, ideal for both small decals and large prints.
  2. Smooth Curves: Math-based shapes in vectors ensure smooth, precise lines, crucial for intricate designs.
  3. Editable: Vector graphics are easily editable without quality loss, essential for post-design modifications.
  4. File Size Efficiency: Vector files are compact, great for storage, sharing, and online transmission.
  5. Print Quality: Vectors ensure professional-looking, sharp decals when printed.
  6. Output Versatility: Easily convert vectors to various formats for different printing and digital needs.
  7. Precision Cutting: Vector paths guide cutting machines for accurate and clean cuts.

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