Color Matching

What is color matching and why is it important?

When printing on a different substrates, colors don't match the exact colors that are on your computer. This is because computer monitors give off a colored light known as RGB (red, green, blue).

Printers on the other hand, print in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) mode. The reason that the colors on your computer may look different when printed is because computer monitors have a larger color range than a printer does. This can sometimes cause problems when someone needs a color to be exact, but we have a solution - our color match proof system.

CMYK Color Matching |

It is best to plan enough time before you need your stickers to do a color match proof, because we do send you the print for you to approve before we proceed with an order.

The Difference Between RGB & CMYK Files

Our printers only print in CMYK. If you submit a file in RBG, color shifting will occur when we switch the file to CMYK. This can also lead to loss of effects. We do check files before we print, but to ensure the highest quality of prints, please submit your files in CMYK.

If color matching is critical to your order, please contact us prior to placing your order and we can help set you up with our color match proof system. 

**The cost for the color match proof is $45.00 for one color and an additional $10.00 per added color.**

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