How to Use Sticker Sheets for Everyday Stuff


Sticker sheets of frogs

By: Naomi J. Myrick, Staff Writer

Stickers on sheets aren’t exactly scrumptious like cookies on baking sheets. But they’re a super practical and efficient way to, uh, well, use stickers en masse. They’re a splendid option for large labeling projects like for gift bags or bridal shower favors.

Today I'm going to show you how to use custom-cut sticker sheets and shape cut sticker sheets for everyday life at work, and at home. Let's roll!


How to use custom-cut stickers to share style, fun and flare


Custom-shaped sticker sheets are the perfect way to jazz up product packaging, lunch boxes or other household, work and school areas. Because they can be printed into almost any shape, they offer diversity and versatility. 

You can have us print the bust of your favorite philosopher, kitty or tree-frog right onto stickers. These custom sticker sheets are great, inexpensive marketing tools that the average bear-person can use.


Business style

Lemonade stand sticker

Is your message dramatic? Chic? Whimsical? Custom sticker printing can help you share this with the world. Represent yourself, or your brand, with custom-shaped stickers that’ll get noticed! For the young entrepreneur, perhaps begin with lemonade stand stickers. Pass them out at the carwash or other summer community events. You never know where that might lead.


Share social causes

Save the froggies sticker

It can be downright frustrating having a social cause, but nowhere to share it! We have a solution: you should go old school and use sticker marketing. Think of it like sticky print advertising. Spread your message around town, at gas stations, on bulletin boards and more. Do it one easy-peel at a time from your many, many sheets. Save the froggies!


Just plain flare

Red stapler die-cut sticker

Don’t worry, we would never judge you for having too little, or too much flare. Heck, you could even print stickers that just say, “Flare,” or perhaps some die-cut red stapler stickers. It’s your choice.


How you can round out projects using neat circle sticker sheets


Circles shapes are cute as buttons. Humans are subconsciously attracted to round shapes because they mimic eyes and faces. Heck, we’ve even bred dogs to look more like human infants. (EEK). 

Fortunately, this quirky attribute can draw attention to your round logo design. It can also generate interest in important social messages, or spark appreciation of party favor designs. Yes, you can use simple circle sheet stickers for stacks of easy-peeling in the present and future.


Marketing & logos

QR code on circle sticker

A circle is a great shape for logos. You can also fit a QR code within that circumference, too. The roundness draws the eye to the design. Print “Support Small Business” stickers to put in to-go bags or hand out at the POS after a transaction.


Household applications

Happy Mr. Yuk Sticker

Remember Mr. Yuck? He was round, wasn’t he? Create your own reminded stickers and easily peel them off of their sheets for ample household uses. Create a, “2 cookie limit,” for that cute cookie jar, or make toothbrushing reminders for the bathroom mirror.


“Good job!”

Good Job sticker

Grade school comes with a lot of different experiences. The, “Good Job,” sticker is both a teacher and pupils best friend, throughout it all. It's a simple, yet effective way to show a student that they’re on the right track with their studies. Teachers can get tons of these special adhesive encouragers when they order them on sheets.


How to get more function from oval stickers on sheets


In the world of DIY stickers, oval stickers on sheets can sometimes be overlooked. But they’re a handy shape; think about all the letters to Grandma, or to the grand-kids that you could seal with a perfect, oblong oval. A ton, am I right?


Envelopes & bags

Oval bridal sticker

Wedding and bridal shower favor bags, boring lunch sacks and other bagged items would look great with an elongated, elegant oval design. Add words of blessing or encouragement and a nice border. 


Beer & wine bottles

Wine bottle fancy foggy sticker

We’ve all seen rectangle wine and beer bottles labels. They have a logo, informational tidbits about tannins, grapes and valleys. But they’re just a functional label. Ovals offer something a little more eye-catching. This is especially true when your item is displayed on a shelf competing with tons of other products.


Candles & canned goodies

Marquise cut diamond on sticker

Due to their unpredictable elongation, ovals are naturally more decorative than circles. They’re just elegant, like a marquise cut diamond. You can even use them as blank labels for canned goods — or adding spice to candle jars.


How rectangle sticker sheets can get you quick labeling


Rectangle sheet stickers are great for logo decorating at corporate events and trade shows. Wrap them around water and wine bottles, mason jars, and even nifty little lanterns. You can also print blank rectangle labels for household organization tasks. 


Miniature bumper stickers

Barbie bumper sticker on red kid car

My 1980s Barbies had a Ferrari, 57’ Chevy, Camping van, Jeep and more... What she didn’t have, though, were custom bumper stickers. What about those mini-ride-ons that kids can drive (they grow up too fast)? You could print some fun mini-bumper stickers for them and they’re friends.


Boring, but necessary tidying

Boring sticker next to sharpie

Sigh. The garage is a mess, and the pantry is ghastly. Print custom rectangle stickers on sheets to help easily, and swiftly organize such spaces. You’ll have more labels for the future, too.


How to advertise and decorate with square sticker sheets

DIY crafty types, business owners and budding entrepreneurs all need some square sticker sheets in their toolbox. 


Small business advertising

Dramatic frog on square sticker

Stickers are a cost-effective way to get your name out there! Whether your logo is circular, oval or a funky spider-monkey, they can all be effortlessly enhanced by a square shape. Squares are edgy. They’ve got sharp, dramatic corners. These features enhance the meatiness of your sticker logo.


QR code stickers

QR code sticker on gas pump

We’ve all seen those little buggers. They deliver you to discounts, waivers, menus, and also serve as a tapestry of visual interest in moments of boredom. (Or is that just me?) If you have upcoming promotions or sales, then easily print oodles of these little code stickers on sheets. Spread the word!


Laptops, cell phone and lockers

School locker with stickers on it

Your laptop, cell phone and students locker are all square. All rectangles are squares, so ha. Be that as it may, some whimsical square sticker stickers will fit smashingly well on these items.