What are custom Kiss Cut stickers? A Quick Guide

Woman's hand holding up a kiss-cut heart-shaped sticker with shoes on holding  a rose. Background is white bricks.

By: Naomi J. Myrick, Stickers.com Staff Writer

What exactly is a kiss-cut sticker? It’s not a romantic thing — at all. Kiss-cut stickers are a vinyl adhesive product that’s cut out for easy peeling. 

The extra material left behind creates effortless peeling. Peaceful, easy peeling. 

Today you’ll learn about:

  • Differences between kiss-cut vs. die-cut stickers
  • Why Kiss-cut stickers are easier to peel
  • How intricate designs will look stunning on these stickers


Section One: Die-cut versus Kiss-cut

The main difference between the two cut options is the paper backing. With die-cut, there is a back slit option where that material can be broken in half. Whereas with a kiss cut, you peel the sticker from the front because we cut through the vinyl.

Frankly, custom shaped stickers can either be die-cut or kiss cut. The choice is yours!


Section Two: The Benefits

The main benefits of Kiss-cut stickers are ease of peeling, extra branding space and edge protection. While they may be printed on shaped backing, your sticker designs will still shine. Some benefits to this cut include:

  • The paper backing stays intact which won’t affect delicate designs.
  • They’re available in glossy or matte lamination. There are no lamination restrictions due to the cut.
  • They are very easy to store. Because they’re printed on a shaped backing, you can easily paperclip them together to toss in a drawer or folder.
  • There is a bulk ordering discount.


Section Three: Vibrant Custom Sticker Designs Will Look Stunning

The extra backing on these sticker cuts will highlight logos and branding. Your custom stickers will be printed in full color on high-quality vinyl material. Make them the most popular sticker at school or use them for brand reinforcement around town. 


Either environment will be enhanced by this cool cut — and your artwork. Use our nifty online design tool to place your order today!