How to Use Logo Stickers: A Brief Guide

Mahogany wood door with Ashwin Joseph and Associates logo sticker.

By: Naomi J. Myrick, Staff Writer

In marketing, businesses are always seeking new ways to enhance visibility and leave a lasting impression. Stickers have been a powerful and versatile tool for ages. They provide a unique blend of creativity, affordability, and effectiveness.

Today I’ll show you how to use them, key benefits and promotional uses.


Custom Logo Stickers: An Overview


Definition and Purpose

At its core, a custom logo sticker is a representation of a brand's identity in a compact, adhesive form. These stickers serve as ambassadors for businesses, conveying their essence to the target audience. They aren’t necessarily decorations; logo stickers play a big role in reinforcing brand recognition and gaining new business.

Key Benefits

The appeal lies in their ability to provide a tangible and memorable representation of a brand. Unlike expensive digital marketing, a personalized sticker can find its way onto many surfaces, and in lots of locations. 

The benefits include:

  • Brand Visibility: Placing your logo in strategic locations helps your brand be seen by a wide audience. This creates multiple touchpoints for potential customers.

  • Cost-Effective: Logo sticker printing is an economical way to promote your brand. This is especially true for small and medium-sized businesses with budget constraints.

  • Brand Recognition: Consistent exposure to a well-designed logo builds familiarity and trust. This contributes to increased brand recognition.

  • Waterproof Stickers: One of the most frequently asked questions about vinyl stickers is are they waterproof? Yes, your sticky logos are dishwasher safe, but can also survive outside in rain or shine. They’re UV, scratch and water resistant. 

  • Full Color Printing: We custom print all sticker products in full CMYK color. Your sticker designs will turn out vibrant and memorable. Heck, don’t just taste the rainbow, print one, too.


Types of Logo Stickers


Material Options

The world of logo stickers is diverse, here are some material options.

Custom Die-Cut Stickers: Die-cut precisely cuts around the contour of the design, eliminating excess vinyl material. This creates a sleek, professional look. Die-cut stickers tailored to be almost any custom shape or size, making them a creative option for brand promotion.

Kiss cut stickers: This cut option is great for logos because it enhances your design. With kiss-cut, the sticker can still be cut to almost any shape, but the adhesive backing leaves a border around it. It also offers excess sticker material for easy peeling.

Sticker Sheets: Stickers on sheets can be printed in custom shapes, or in basic shapes like circles, squares etc. The benefits are that you can mass produce your logos, easily stack and store them, and have some extras.

Holographic stickers: These stickers are printed on a 6 millimeter thick laminated Rainbow Film. These are great for pearlescent product packaging enhancements — and general jazziness.


Practical Applications

The versatility of vinyl logo stickers extends beyond mere branding. Businesses utilize these stickers in practical applications, maximizing their impact:

Branding Stickers for Products: Using stickers with logos on products is a simple and effective way to add branding to physical items. Whether on packaging, merchandise, or equipment, these stickers add a personalized touch to the items consumers interact with.

Promotional Stickers for Events: Events, trade shows and promotions provide opportune moments to distribute logo stickers. Attendees become brand ambassadors as they affix stickers to their belongings, water bottles and more. They then become walking advertisements for your business.

In conclusion, your logos have many printing options and uses. Stickers have been used for advertising for a very long time. They’re tried and true little (or big) marketing materials. Begin your custom order today by uploading your design using our online designer tool.