How to Make Jeep Stickers: You Know You Want To

Jeweled transparent sticker on coffee tumbler

By: Naomi J. Myrick, Staff Writer

So, how does one make stickers for a Jeep? Do they need to be Jeep Wrangler specific or perhaps a throwback to Jurassic Park? Maybe. But in this guide, I’ll show you how to design your very own Jeep stickers.

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • Material choices
  • Making funny Jeep stickers
  • Choosing your Colors


Material options

Like most sticker products we offer, you’ll have three vinyl material options for your stickers. They are as follows:

Economy Vinyl: 

Lifespan of up to 3-5 years.

Commonly used for laptop stickers, water bottle labeling and other novelty applications.

Standard Vinyl:

Up to 3-5 year outdoor durability rating.

Commonly used for outdoor signs and car stickers.

Equipped with air release technology making it easier to install.

Premium Vinyl:

Up to 8 years outdoor durability rating.

One of the toughest vinyl adhesive materials around. Commonly used for outdoor projects like car and truck stickers, contoured surfaces and marine applications.

Equipped with air release technology making it easier to install.

Obviously, for permanent purposes, you’d choose the Premium vinyl. The Standard vinyl is perfectly good for vehicles and outdoor use, but we don’t necessarily recommend the economy vinyl for exterior vehicle use. You could, however, use the economy vinyl material for interior labeling or removable reminders.


Funny Jeep sticker ideas

Jeeps are great! They’re also an ample source of roasting opportunities — more so than Dodge. So, roll with the punches, literally, and create some entertaining stickers for your jeep.

Jeeps making fun of Jeeps

Let’s not kid ourselves. They’re not the prettiest vehicles around.  But if you can make fun of yourself, and you ride, then you’re alright in my book. No narcissism involved, just some light self deprecation coupled with humor.

Jurassic Park Wrangler

You get the dino artwork, upload it,  and we’ll print it. Then you can live the Jurassic adventure like Alan and Ellie. (But maybe not that lawyer dude that got eaten). 


Perhaps you like Storm Chasing or just Jeep Comanche pickups in general. Run (or flee) with that tornado theme. “Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains…”

Anti-speed device

Are Jeeps known for being slow? Sometimes. They don’t exactly merge swiftly. And their pokiness makes for great entertainment. You can order turtle stickers.


Choosing your colors

We print every product in full CMYK color. That means you can pick vibrant colors for your designs to fit your personality and messages. Use warm colors for warm thoughts, cool colors for crisp or more serious messaging. 


Whether you’d like to proudly promote your Jeep, or jokingly make fun of it we’ve got you covered. Begin your order today.