Sticker ABC’s: A Guide to Holographic Stickers & Fun Ideas!


By: Naomi J. Myrick, Staff Writer

So, what ARE those holographic stickers that seem to shimmer forever? Are they divine? Are they expensive? In this little guide, we will tell you all about those pearlescent wonders and your questions will be answered!

Today you will learn:

  • What holographic material actually is made from
  • The different cuts
  • How to use it to market and decorate

Chapter One: What materials are used to make holographic stickers?

Chapter Two: How can I have my holo sticker cut?

Chapter Three: Discover 7 Holographic ways to jazz up your work and fun life


Chapter One: What are holographic stickers made from?

Holo band sticker

These special stickers are printed on what is lovingly known as a Rainbow Film. It is a generous 6 millimeters thick and is also equipped with a lay-flat liner that is printable. This just means that your graphic or design will be printed onto the material like any other sticker — except it will be sparkly!

Once the design is printed, then it is coated with a moisture, scratch and UV protective laminate. This material is both flashy as well as durable. What could possibly be better?!? Not much in the sticker-verse, that’s what.


Chapter Two: How can I have my holo sticker cut?

Holo laptop sticker

Holo stickers can either be die-cut or kiss cut. Die-cutting allows us to cut through the sticker material as well as the backing. This gives your sticker a very customized look and feel, like a Christmas cookie cutter would do to dough, except in this case, you can literally have your sticker cut into any shape you’d like!

Kiss-cutting means we cut through the sticker, but not the backing. This cutting technique makes an easy to peel sticker thanks to the extra material left behind.

So, in short, you can have a holographic sticker cut to any shape you’d like!

For a more in-depth breakdown between the two cutting methods, please check out our Die-cut vs. Kiss-Cut Sticker guide.


Chapter Three: Jazz up your work life and fun life with these 7 ideas


We’ve all seen the floor and wall stickers, the QR code menus and “I Voted” roll stickers. They all serve a function, and that is great! Nothin’ wrong with marginal utility!

Here are 7 ideas of how to use custom holographic stickers to your business advantage and also how to snazz-fly-freshen up your daily activities.


Idea One: AM meeting mug that * strategically * holds way too much coffee

Giant coffee mug with holographic sticker

We all know your strategy here; drink too much java, make it believable, and then step out for a few minutes. Your aim is to conveniently dodge the “how was your weekend?” part of that Monday morning meeting.

But in order to ease the predictability of your 8:13  exit to see Jon, you need to add a distraction to that giant mug!

”Hey Sally, don’t roll your eyes at Bill — he’s cool, just had too much coffee. Look at that bomb holographic die-cut of his Toro Zero-turn!” Perfecto-mundo!


Idea Two: Lunch box stickers that bring joy

Holographic sticker son bag

Lunchtime can be a sad, stressful affair — even for adults. Bring them joy  by putting a little sparkle in or on that brown sack or Lego-blue thermal bag. Kids especially love this gesture and it makes them feel like they're your favorite child. (We won’t tell).

Big and little kids appreciate the extra sparkly mile — think college care packages, too!


Idea Three:  Nifty desktop background fix

Old mackintosh computer

The weird part of that lovingly selected desktop background is that you rarely actually see it. Think about it; you know all you see is spreadsheets. You know I’m right. So how can we fix this? Well, why not print out a representation of the background on, oh, say a holographic sticker tapestry. Make a shimmery border for your screen that even Sally will love!


Idea Four: Easily, and magically locate files

File folders

We’ve all been standing there at the filing cabinet. You’re half listening to hallway gossip, and half day-dreaming about 5:02 pm. But you’re really supposed to be looking for a specific file.

Now, you can use a bright holo sticker to expedite your search. That ONE important file that likes to play Houdini will absolutely pop. You can still waste a minute standing there and admire your holo sticker.

 In fact, it’d be even better if the sticker is a die-cut of Houdini. Abracadabra!


Idea Five: Glamourize bored games

Holographic checkers

Monopoly, the game, not private-public partnerships or AT&T, can be a days- long experience. It can get both boring and highly competitive. I say brighten up the boardwalk with some Jersey Shore stickers. You get the picture, Pauly.

Another stuffy game that could desperately use some rainbow-esque shimmer is  Guess Who? Imagine if all of those curious faces were sparkly. Perfect.

Lighten up the checkers! You can use these stickers to create a whole new version of this gem of a game. Holographic stickers add a 3D element and distraction. Use wisely.


Idea Six: Rebrand your logo

Hydro flask holo sticker

Starting over can be a real… pain. You’ve spent money and sweat equity branding your business, but now it is time for a change. Perhaps you’re fortunate enough to expand, or maybe you ate another company for breakfast. Whatever the reason for the change,  you need something flashy and new.

Holographic stickers can do wonders for your logo! They’re naturally iridescent, can be die-cut and who doesn’t love something shiny?


Idea Seven: Solve Dating Woes

Boy texting

Here me out * puts up hands *

Even the boldest of people can be intimidated. Whether it’s his height, her big blue eyes or the way they crack funnies, we all get nervous tummies. Unique holo stickers are an excellent way to ask someone out.

You can have your face and phone number front and center — with glitz and glam. Being an unconventional approach, you will be remembered.

Even if they don’t call, who am I kidding? Even if they don’t text you, It’s okay. Keep trying. We have a bulk discount available. Good luck, buck-a-roo, keep that stick on the ice.