These Fun Bumper Sticker Designs Can Brighten Your Day


You betcha bumper sticker

By: Naomi J. Myrick Staff Writer and marketing specialist, Jena Merrill

You’ve seen them everywhere from freeways to parking lots, heck, your own garage may even have a few stuck on bumpers. But have you ever pondered how people design a bumper sticker, or even pick a dang idea? Well then, stay tuned!

In this short guide, I’m going to show you 17 terrific bumper sticker design ideas!


Design Ideas:

1: Humble midwestern brags about your kid

Favorite child bumper sticker

Suzy is at the top of the Dean’s List at Law School, again. So proud! You now need to let absolutely everyone know about it. But, you’re a Minnesotan, so you can’t brag too obviously, but this should work,”Suzy is my favorite child for a reason.” 

Enough said.


2: You love your mom!


Use this idea for Mother’s Day — or any day. Say it loud, simply and with love. “I love my mom.” Include a smiling, full color photograph, too. And plenty of hearts and flowers on your sticker material.


3: You love your dog!


Butch and Fido deserve love, too. Show off your four-legged buddies on a custom bumper sticker. Add a photo of them, and a graphic of their favorite toys.


4: Inspiration from the cat


Whether he’s a teddy cat sporting a tuxedo or a giant orange tabby — with thumbs — your cat is definitely sus. He murders for fun. Think about that. So, channel that Mr. Whisker-biscuit in traffic with a cute kitty car bumper sticker.


5: 80s Hair Bands


Decorate your custom bumper sticker with images of Mötley Crüe, Poison and Van Halen. They’ll each come with their own custom message like these.

Thorny Roses

Humans being humans 

Too Fast for Love


6: Stick people, but from history


Feeling stuck in the proverbial cave? Man, we hear it. For real. Why not make an homage to Socrates, only as a stick person, on your bumper.


7: Be mysterious

Ninja bumper sticker



8: USMC cadences (clean)


"I used to drive a Cadillac,

Now I'm rolling in an LAV!

If I can't roll, I sure as hell can fight,

And if I can't fight, I'll still be alright!"


9:  Church softball


Church Softball bumper sticker

"We're the holiest sluggers in town!"


"Our swing may be weak, but the Lord is strong.”


“Holiest of angels in the outfield, guide thy grounder to thine fence.”


“For our struggle is not against flesh and bats, but against the umpire, and dark windiness.”


“For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come like home runs and double-plays."


Church softball bumper sticker


10: You betcha!


This is a friendly (and not so friendly), mainly passive-aggressive Minnesotan slang phrase. It is designed to disarm, re-direct and acknowledge conversational topics all at the same time. Dontcha know. Some phrase tweaks for your bumper sticker may include:

“You betcha!”

"You betcha my tire is half flat, and I just cut you off"

"You betcha there are 85 children in this car!"

"You betcha, that is indeed smoke coming from the hood…"

“You betcha I don’t check my mirrors!”



11: Hello, hello, hello

Don't honk, I'll cry bumper sticker


This tactic indicates that you’re a very friendly person. People will let you merge more often and not honk and gesture as much. At least we hope. Or you could just print a bumper sticker that says,"Don't Honk, I'll cry." It's your nickle. 


12: You rock

Print an image of a rock or mineral and people will get the hint. The right people, anyways. 


13: Gone fishin’

Let the entire driving community know that you’re going to your happy place:  fishing. Or perhaps you’re fishing for a compliment in the drive-thru. 


14: Road rage antidotes

This could include anything from comforting Bible verses, to images of zen animals like lambs or sloths.


15: Confucius says…

You’d be shocked at how many of these quotes are applicable to driving.


“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” 

Translation: True. Unless, of course, the light is red. 

“To see what is right and not to do it is want of courage, or of principle.”

Translation:  Let that mini-van merge, for gosh sake. 


16: Red Lobster


Biscuit rage bumper sticker


You have no idea how many potential biscuit-obsessed friends you could make using this idea. Everyone needs a lunch buddy, so print some yummy cheddar biscuit themed stickers and let things happen. 

“Biscuit aficionado on board.”

“Warning. May cause road rage and biscuit cravings in nearby vehicles. Or worse, biscuit rage.”

“In a world filled with biscuits, be a buttery one.”


17: I’m sorry / I’m not sorry

I'm not sorry /I'm sorry bumper sticker

This idea works on two levels while operating a motor vehicle.

“I’m Sorry”: You know that you’re a bad driver, and frankly, you're sorry.

“I’m NOT Sorry”: You know you’re a freaking speed demon, stop sign ignorant fiend. And you are not sorry.