Sticker ABC’s: What is a Die-Cut Sticker?


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By: Naomi J. Myrick, Staff Writer

Anyone that’s ever bought or worked with stickers will have noticed the distinctive product phrasing. Some of it can be interchangeable, like contour-cut and die-cut.

So, that begs the question: What exactly is a die cut sticker?

In this guide, I’ll examine what makes a die cut sticker, and its unique and beneficial qualities.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What materials can be die-cut
  • Benefit of this technique
  • How people commonly use custom die cut stickers


  • Chapter One: What is Die Cutting?
  • Chapter Two: What materials can be die cut?
  • Chapter Three: What do people use die-cut stickers for over other kinds of cuts?
  • Chapter Four: Fun Die Cut Shapes


Chapter One: What is Die Cutting?

Cookies being cut

This is a precision cutting technique that functions as a “cookie cutter” to cut out shapes. It slices through both the vinyl adhesive as well as the paper backing. This method does not leave any border material.

Die-cut stickers, however, can be ordered with a  back slit option in the paper backing. This finishing option aids in easy peeling. If you opt out of the back slit, then you’ll simply begin peeling from the side of the sticker. But it will work either way!


Chapter Two: What Vinyl Sticker Materials Can Be Die Cut?

Die-cut Sticker

Fortunately, virtually any sticker materials can be die-cut! From holographic vinyl to permanent vinyl, custom shapes can be easily produced out of each.

  • Removable vinyl
  • Permanent Vinyl
  • Holographic material
  • Clear Vinyl
  • Window Cling Vinyl


Chapter Three: What do people use die-cut stickers for (over other kinds of sticker option)?


The most popular use for custom shaped stickers is for expressing style and personal preferences. Here are some additional ideas for personal and business use.


Personal & Home Uses


Home Décor Stickering

Add decorative elements to your home using die cut stickers! This could be anything from cute animal stickers on the fridge to hygiene reminders on the bathroom mirror.  Brush those pearly whites, kids! You could also spruce up the laundry room or kitchen with appropriately themed stickers.

Cool Vehicle stickers

Slap a school or sports team mascot on your car bumper or window. Let everyone know your student is an Honors Student in fun and interesting ways! Whatever ideas you come up with, we can print the shape, so flex that imagination!

Enhance School items:

Personalize notebooks, mobile phone cases and laptops with uniquely shaped stickers. Avoid confusion when leaving a busy class by putting your own flare onto your textbook covers and more.


Business Uses

QR Code Menus

Product Packaging Makeover

Sometimes packaging needs a facelift. Custom stickers are an easy and cost-effective way to do this. Print custom logo shapes, or merely catchy looking graphics that will get products added visibility.

Thank You for Your Business Stickers

Small business appreciation is a trend EVERYWHERE. Small companies are more dependent on customer satisfaction than larger companies, so it is wise to include a fun shaped sticker with a sincere "thank you" to show appreciation. Small gestures of gratitude have a big impact. 

QR Code Stickers

 Adding a QR code to your marketing strategy can benefit your business in many ways! QR codes can take customers to an online menu, a website review section,  or social media page. Each option offers ample opportunity for great customer interaction, social currency shares and — ideally — increased sales.


Chapter Four: Fun Die Cut Shapes Ideas


Not sure what shape to have custom printed? No worries!  I’ve cooked up 7 cool ideas. Feel free to combine,  expound on or copy them. 

Idea #1: Platypus

Unique and quite misunderstood. Make a statement!

Idea #2: An Isosceles Trapezoid 

Because geometry, people!

Idea #3: Pegasus 

Take your style to new heights.

Idea: #4 Avocados

Let everyone know you’re health conscious and probably make great toast!

Idea #5: Wooly Mammoth

Life is short. You may fall into a mudslide and die. YOLO. 

Idea #6: Bust of Augustus Caesar

Attract philosophers and history enthusiasts.

Idea #7: Tree frog

Adorable and sticky. Just like our die cut stickers!


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