How to Use Cute Animal Stickers

Tree frog and froggy sticker

By: Naomi J. Myrick, Staff Writer

From vibrant green tree frogs to holographic ponies, animal stickers have endless uses for fun and practical projects. Volunteer or run an animal rescue? Perhaps your coffee shop mascot is a cute brown bear? That’s great! You can use natural, adorable creatures to boost sales and generate interest. 


Stay tuned to learn how to:

  • Boost brand recognition 
  • Increase cuteness in your immediate area
  • Make children happy again
  • Create custom stickers for custom jobs

Animal Logos are Effective

Kangaroo stickers

The G.I.E.C.O. gecko is a great example of using animal branding in marketing. Something as mundane as government sponsored insurance surely benefits from a swanky Australian lizard. He’s disarming, charming and fun.

Custom printed stickers solve many advertising woes including cost, individuality for your business and they can be stuck to just about anything. (Smooth, non-porous surfaces work best. Yadda, yadda). Additionally, you don’t need stamps, a trip to FedEx Office, or even a red cent spent on gas to order your marketing materials.

Order stickers swiftly online, anytime!

Then you can easily hand out your logo stickers at county fairs, trade shows, Chamber events or randomly on street corners. Free stuff is psychology 101; it creates a quick bond of indebtedness. Adorable free stuff is even better, and people will likely remember your strategic gesture.

Animal Sticker Sheets for Introverts

Introverted kid with sticker sheet

Help an introvert out by supplying them with cute monkey or puppy stickers on sheets.  This way they can subtly charm their potential new friends. Friendships are lifelong, but they can be tricky to start. Bolder, social introverts will benefit from stickers that just say,”I like you, let’s be friends.” In my opinion, the direct approach is the best approach. Speak plainly and you shall gather friends.

Animal stickers on sheets can also be advantageous to DIY types, interns, and Grandmas with 85 grandbabies — and birthday cards to decorate.


Custom Printed Spirit Animals

Spirit animal dolphin sticker on phone

Whether you are foxy, clever like a fox or simply like the taste of chicken, you can have your very own spirit animal printed on a sticker. Place them on your laptop, cell phone, car or mailbox. Let the whole kingdom know what inspires you. Lions, butterflies, dolphins can all come to life and remind you of your life’s path, strengths, shortcomings— and so much more.

Some other applications for your high quality custom spirit guide sticker include being yourself in a crowd, personalizing your laptop, cellphone or shoes. Thanks to the customization of kiss and die-cut stickers, you can even have octopus stickers made.


Animal Print Product Packaging 

Giraffe product packaging

I don’t even know if animal prints are in style, out of style for ethical reasons, or chilling somewhere in the ether. But they sure do make catchy patterns for product packaging. Use your branded animal as print for retail boxes and set them a horse apart on the shelves. Kangaroo into new sales opportunities with nature as your sticky guide.

Sell steaks or cheese? Use cow print. Host Safari trips? Try out some zebra and giraffe prints. And if you’re lucky enough to live in the mountains and own a wild cuisine eatery, then holographic rainbow trout scales can have you swimming in business. 



Rhinoceros Tough Vinyl Stickers

Rhino sticker on jet ski

Premium vinyl isn’t an animal, I know that. But it is tough like an animal. It will live outside for up to 8 years. That’s like 60 years in terms of a rhinoceros. I think. The point is that if you need hardy animal stickers for Zoo signage, or outdoor marketing in general, then this material would be your go to. Choice.

Resorts often offer recreational services that let you pet or ride dolphins. This vinyl would be perfect to advertise on boats, jet skis and surfboards. Though a smooth, non-porpise surface, we doubt it would adhere to an actual dolphin. But who knows.



Personalized Stickers for Making Children Smile Again

Happy girl with sticker, sad girl without sticker

Sticky fingers, hurt feelings and all around boo-boos, that’s life, kid. It’s 50% good and 50% bad. Do different math with custom stickers. No one can be sad when playing with stickers! That would defy the laws of man and God. No siree’. Decorate the nursery, classroom or lunch box with happy, smiling animal stickers. 

Does big-kid you need a serious pick-me-up? Yes? In that case, decorate your drab cubicle with childhood favorites like monkeys, kitties and duckies. Perhaps your boss is a real donkey. Print that sentiment on a few custom shaped stickers, and begin a joint office offensive.