Custom Clear Stickers: A Benefits Guide

Jeweled transparent sticker on coffee tumbler

By: Naomi J. Myrick, Staff Writer

Sure, clearly 4 millimeter transparent vinyl material sounds terrific. But have you ever wondered in what ways you can actually benefit from clear stickers? In this brief guide, I will offer clarity, transparency and unveil 5 useful benefits of using these stickers. 

Let’s be crystal clear and reveal the benefits now.


1. Front-Adhesive Option

Clear sticker on a storefront window

Arguably, the best benefit that clear stickers provide is the front-adhesive option. The stickers are available in two adhesive options: front and back-adhesive. 

Front-adhesive is great for storefront advertising on storefront windows either inside of a shopping mall or out on the street. Because the adhesive clings to the interior of the glass, the sticker won’t be (we hope) stolen or succumb to harsh weather.

Back-adhesive sits on the exterior of the glass and has the added benefit of being available in a gloss or matte finish. 

Each feature offers versatility in utilization.


2. Transparency

Clear sticker on yellow car door

There is nothing to hide, and plenty to see here. Only your design will show on whatever background you choose to put them on. This gives you the ability to choose the canvas for your sticker design. Be it a car door, wall, or laptop, you can be decorative, yet subtle with a transparent background.


3. Design Emphasis

Rainbow sticker on cell phone

Your design will pop on any background that it doesn’t clash with, i.e. don’t put black text on a black car door. You need not create a border for your design because that background will be a given. This results in graphics and text that is crisp, and naturally emphasized.


4.Great for Small Stickers

Custom clear sticker on coffee mug

This product is great for small, intricate sticker designs that are hard to hand pick in the shop. The malleable clear vinyl material is easier to manipulate during this process, which is why we recommend choosing it for such projects.

Your smaller designs are still printed in full color, like any other sticker product. They can be die-cut or kiss-cut, and cut into almost any shape. The minimum print size is 2” x 2”.

So, you can print logos, graphics or just text to fit your project needs.


5. Catchy Car Window Stickers

Clear sticker on car door

Cool car stickers and bumper stickers are a universal way to share your thoughts, feelings or favorite sports teams. They’re terrific, trust me, I know. Transparent stickers offer another stellar option for vehicle advertising and expressing personal style.

Their uniqueness can showcase designs in ways a bumper sticker may not be able to. The nuance may just get more attention for you. So, try something new and be clear!